I’ve just started on a website redesign for the Vernon National Shooting Preserve. They are a 500 acre recreational target shooting and pheasant hunting preserve located near me in Vernon Center in Central New York State.

Their site is built on WordPress, which is great, but it really can use some work on the design and usability side of things. The navigation on the current site is a little cumbersome, so over time, as they’ve added more content to the site, it’s been harder and harder for them to keep the site organized so that their customers can quickly find the information they are looking for.

Likewise, new visitors and potential customers probably aren’t getting the best first impression. If a website is visually appealing, chances are good you will leave from it. Am I right?

The first thing I did was move them to better server. Their old shared hosting platform was OK, but the new hosting is going to be a much better choice for them. Flywheel hosting is premium managed WordPress hosting. It is lightening fast, is much more secure, they do daily backups and keep them for 30 days, and if anything ever happens to the site, FlyWheel will rebuild the site for them. This is sooo worth it!

Now I am going to install a brand new premium WordPress theme, reorganize their navigation, rewrite some of their copy, implement a email sign up form, and build a brand new events calendar for them.

Stay tuned for the