Managed WordPress Hosting

Delegate Time-Consuming WordPress Maintenance & Support Tasks

What would it feel like to have a trusted partner who took care of your website so you could focus on your clients and your business?

  • Is your website out of sync with changes in your business?
  • Are you and your staff struggling to find the time to keep your website up to date?
  • Have you parted ways with your old web designer?
  • If so, you're in the right place!
  • We offer a simple solution. . . but first. . .

Imagine this scenario...

  • What if you suddenly had your website "to-do" list totally taken care of so you could be 100% focused on your business?
  • What if you could simply delegate work to be done on the website– and within hours it would be completed?
  • What if you had access to a website expert whenever you needed it so you never had to train anyone or deal with WordPress again?

Introducing Our WordPress Website Management Solution

Help When You Need It!

  • Got a list of website to do's? Send it over!
  • Got some ideas? Tell us about it!
  • Ready to get this off your plate - like right now?
  • Perfect! We're an email or phone call away.

Easy to Use

  • All it takes is an email from you to get us started on your request. Simply send your request to the special support email address and it will be turned into a support request automatically...
  • No complicated forms to fill sitting on hold waiting for a support representative. Just send your request using your email.
  • We use a sophisticated tracking system to make sure every request is documented and gets taken care of promptly...

Quick Response

  • Within hours of receiving your website login details, work will begin...
  • When you need to add a blog post, make a change, or if you have an idea for the site - simply call or send an email to the special support email address and we'll get right on it.
  • Every request is opened as a support's tracked...and you get notified when it's complete. 
  • We're here for you when you need us. . . so you can finally get your ideas and tasks out of your head and handed to someone who'll get it done!
  • And we'll immediately begin by making sure your website is properly secured and all files are backed up...

Less Stress

  • By this time next week, your website "to-do's" could be done...
  • Your website and all its contents– including images, text, logos, etc.– all backed up on our secure server in case of an emergency. . . 
  • A firewall plus extra site security and monitoring all in place so you never have to worry about your website being down or broken and customers telling you about it first. . . 
  • All broken links and images found and fixed. . . 
  • By this time next week, you would feel like you have a trusted partner to take care of all your website needs and you have one less thing to be stressed about.

Happy Customers Since 2011

From large landscaping companies like Rathjen's Landscaping to public relations agencies like BulletProof Communications. . .

. . . we work with small and mid-sized businesses who want professional help with their websites.

Sue Bookhout - Sue B. Media

I'm Sue Bookhout, CEO of SB Media Group, LLC. I'm also a published outdoor writer and online instructor.

Founded in 2011, SB Media Group, LLC provides professional website design, search engine optimization, automated marketing systems, along with ongoing WordPress maintenance and support services for small and mid-sized businesses.

Here's What Our Premium Business Support Plan Can Do For You...

Keep Your Customers Happy

When your website is down...when customers find broken links or missing images...when your site shows the wrong address or phone number or staff who no longer work with makes your business look bad...we fix these issues immediately so you have happy customers.


Save Time So You Can Focus On Your Business

Making website content changes...adding blog posts...keeping the WordPress system and all the plugins up to date...these tasks are time-consuming! So we take care of it for you for a fraction of the cost of spending your time or paying staff to take care of it.


Lightning Fast Hosting

Our servers are configured specifically for WordPress sites. That means they load pages faster and they are more secure from viruses and hackers. With our state of the art servers, you can expect close to zero down-time for your website!


Secure SSL Certificate

SSL encryption is now a requirement of all websites. In fact, by the end of 2018 all sites without SSL will be marked by browsers as “Not Secure.” (Valued at $247, plus you will not be billed for the usual annual renewal fee)


Daily Backups

What if something happened to your site? We create daily backups of your website and store them in a safe, offsite location. So in a worst case scenario, if your website is compromised or otherwise damaged, we are there to restore it to a backup if your customers will always find what they need from your website.


WordPress Script & Plugin Updates

WordPress and plugin makers release updates frequently to fix bugs and improve security - we manage install the updates so nothing on your website breaks or gets exposed to hackers and malware.


Blog Posts + Web Page Updates Done Quickly

Need to update your business address or phone number on your website? Need someone to post your articles and new pages for you? No problem - we take care of these tasks so you don't have to do any of the time-wasting technical stuff.


Improved Security

Hackers, bots, and malware are constantly trying to break into WordPress websites - we make sure that doesn't happen by installing the latest security and firewalls so your website and its contents are protected from being stolen, held for ransom or changed in any way.


Comment Spam Blocked

Are your blog posts bombarded with spammy comments? We'll install special software that blocks all but the real comments from real people so you never have to waste time deleting garbage comments or deal with any embarrassing links in your comments.


Better Rankings in Search Engines

We'll check your website for broken links and images and get them fixed right away so your search engine ranking and customer satisfaction both improve.


Unlimited Support & Service

When you choose our Premium Business plan we take care of as many 30-minute support tasks as you can give us...whether it's getting help figuring out how to add new stuff to your website or just getting blog posts and page updates done.


Exclusive Member Benefits

Enjoy exclusive member benefits such as discounted pricing on search engine optimization (SEO), on website redesigns, and on website copy reviews.

Incredible Value For One Low Monthly Fee

You get the help and support you need so you can focus on your business knowing that your website property is well taken care of and you've got all the help you need. . .

. . .and you get everything for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a part-time employee for this work.

. . .in fact, our service is cheaper than hiring a paid intern to take care of your website.


Even hiring a freelancer would cost more after you consider how much effort is involved in getting them started. Consider this. . . 

The average WordPress project on Upwork, a popular outsourcing website, costs $194. . . that's not including the time it takes to post the job, hire the right freelancer, and then manage the project. . .
Source: Upwork

Join as a Member of One of Our 3 WordPress Website Monthly Support Plans

Join now to get everything for One Low, Predictable Monthly Fee.

No Contracts.

Cancel Anytime.

** Yes, we are currently accepting new customers into our support programs (last updated November 15, 2018).

BONUS: Free Website SEO Health Check (Value $199)


You'll also get a special customized report that reveals the simple changes that could be made to your website that will make it easier for your customers to find your business when they search in Google.


Our customers tell all...

Michelle Scheuermann

"Professional, Courteous and Knowledgeable"

Sue is always willing to dig in and find solutions to web problems- be it small or large. I appreciate being able to contact her anytime– from chatting on ideas– to finding solutions to my needs.

Michelle Scheuermann, BulletProof Communications, LLC

"Sue handled my unique needs..."

I enjoyed working with Sue and I would highly recommend her to friends and colleagues.

Lynne Potteiger, Healing Journey 11

Marlene Burrell, Flowers on Main St.

"Sue was a miracle..."

I was bombarded daily with callers identifying themselves as Google representatives. They would tell me I had a free Google listing, just press 1 for more details. It was always a John or Mark, promising to do my listing– but it was never free. Not until Sue Bookhout showed up could I begin to understand the process. I welcome you to call me with any questions about Sue's ability.

Marlene Burrell, Flowers on Main Street

Zero Risk

Cancel Anytime

You can cancel anytime. There's no long-term commitments or contracts.

3 Reasons Why You Should Act Now...

  1. How much longer do you want those website changes to linger on your to do list?
  2. What if your website gets hacked or fails for some reason?
  3. Join now and let us take care of your website tasks, updating all the WordPress software and plugins, securing your site, and backing up the website files for you don't have to!

One last thing...

** This offer, along with the bonus, is a limited-time offer. We usually only accept 10 new clients at a time so we can be sure you get the best possible service. After that, this offer will be gone and next time we put it on the market it will very likely be at a higher price without the bonus.

** Yes, we are currently accepting new customers into our support programs (last updated November 15, 2018).