By 2014, more people will be viewing your website on cell phones, tablets or some other mobile device than will view it on their computer monitor. Our websites are built with responsive themes, so they will work well and look great on mobile phones and tablets.

A responsive theme simply means that the website responds according to the size of the browser on which it is being viewed. So instead of needing a separate mobile website, the content on your website will be resized accordingly to fit smaller screens.

This is more important than ever before. More likely than not, your customers will find your website while they are searching for information from their cell phone, iPad or tablet. If they can’t view your website or it doesn’t work well what will they do? You got. They will immediately leave your website and perhaps go to your competitor’s website.

Mobile responsive websites are not a thing of the future. Don’t waste your time building a website that will not be effective in a year or two because it can’t be viewed on a cell phone or tablet. Go with a mobile responsive website design.