4 Must-Know Key Performance Indicators for Facebook Ads

Imagine this: You just launched a brand new Facebook ad campaign. Wouldn’t you love to know how to tell whether or not it’s performing?

If you’re new to Facebook Ads, the Ads Manage dashboard can feel rather daunting. Heck, when I first started running Facebook ads I didn’t know how to read the metrics. A couple times, I even turned my ads off simply because I didn’t have a system to judge whether or not they were working.

Well, today you’re in luck because I’m about to tell you the top four key performance indicators (KPIs) every ads manager looks at when evaluating a new conversion campaign.

First, it’s important to recognize that every marketing campaign is a little different. Depending on the marketing platform and your business’s objectives, your KPIs might be a little different. The important thing is to get clear on your KPIs in the beginning before you spend any money.

4 KPIs for Measuring the Performance of a Facebook Conversion Campaign

For the purpose of today’s example, I’m referring to a Facebook (including IG) conversion campaign. This could be an email optin, a low to mid-ticket sale or perhaps a webinar registration.

Considering you’ve backed your ad with a sufficient budget and allowed your ads to run for at least three or four days, now you can begin evaluating your data.

The following Facebook ad metrics serve as my four most important

CTR (Link Click Through)

The first metric I will look at is usually the CTR (Link Click Through). In conversion campaigns a CTR (Link Click Through) of about 1% or more is considered pretty good. Whereas a CTR of .08% or less is not so great.

If CTR is bad, CPM will go up. This is because if less people are clicking on your link, Facebook is going to decide it’s not a good fit for its viewers. As a result, they are going to put your ad in front of less people. More on that in a second…


The CPC is your Cost Per Click. For Facebook Conversion ads, a CPC of $1-$2 is considered average. So if your CPC is more like $5-$7, then it’s high. A high CPC is going to mean your ad dollars are going to get stretched thin. As a result, you can expect poorer results. A high CPC will mean you will get fewer people to your landing page and, as a result, you’ll get lower sales, fewer optins or less webinar registrations than your competitor who


Landing Page Conversion Rate